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969658_10151632205778996_1787326975_nSarah  –  is somewhere between living the dream and completely insane. After three years of working toward a degree in Communication Studies, she took a step of faith and withdrew from university to follow the unconventional path God laid out for her. Now she is a twenty something living in North Carolina, waiting tables, watching too many episodes of 30 Rock, and writing about it all on her blog.

Through her own battles with brokenness, abuse, and depression, she has experienced the incredible healing, restoration, and love that Christ so freely gives and has a passion for taking this love to the nations. She has been to Romania, Thailand, and Uganda with this purpose heavy on her heart, and in September 2013 she will be moving to Uganda for four months to partner with a non-profit dedicated to ending child sacrifice.

Sonja – is a student at Indiana Wesleyan University, working towards a degree in Psychology with a minor in Intercultural Studies. She writes at her own blog, and doesn’t have a Twitter account… yet. Sonja lives for heart-to-hearts and hearing people’s stories, and is passionate about proclaiming wholeness and freedom in Christ. She has a heart for justice and a love of mercy, and is trying to discover what it means to walk humbly. Bit by bit, God is revealing to her a calling that involves grad school, becoming a licensed counselor, and helping to break the chains of human trafficking.

Among other things, Sonja is a youngest child, a people-and-ideas-person, a creative thinker, a missionary kid, a vegetarian, a feminist, a drinker of coffee and tea, a wearer of sweaters, and a reader of books. She has a competitive streak and a Canadian accent, and often sings what she’s doing. Music and literature are her favorites. She’s also a fan of outdoor adventures, ethnic food, leather-bound journals, quality conversation, spoken-word poetry, playgrounds, editing papers, sharing life, and encountering the Lord in unlikely places.

Charity –  is currently employed in the full-time business of writing; for work, for fun, and for her friends. She lives in a small 100 year old house whose walls all seem to point in different direction, spends her time consoling a temperamental, cranky half-Siamese cat, is obsessed with costume dramas and literary characters, and is trying to figure out how to give over her perfectionism to the Lord.

When she is not arguing the finer merits of Sherlock Holmes, she can usually be found giggling as she tears through Terry Pratchett novels at the speed of light, or tearing her hair out as she argues with her own literary characters whether or not they are going to be obedient to her pen. For fun, she edits and manages an online literary magazine for young women, Femnista, and occasionally rants about stuff on her blog.

Mark –  is our guy contributor.  He is a student at Chabot College in California, where he is studying Early Childhood Education and loves working with kids!  Before he became a Christian, he was a professional figure skater for 8 years, but after God entered his life, his life as well as his passions changed dramatically.  Since then, he believes he has been called to be a worship pastor.  In keeping with this desire, he enjoys playing the guitar and singing, and is happy leading big or small groups of people.

As of right now, Mark is doing a 1-year discipleship training internship at his church, and hopes to be eligible at the end of his training to become a worship pastor.  When he’s not busy, he enjoys sitting by the lake reading a book, playing the guitar, and singing or writing songs.  He also likes long conversations with friends over coffee, likes to stay active, and thinks Australian accents are neat.  Lastly, he loves Jesus Christ, and feels that without Him, he would be nothing.  His greatest desire is to exalt Christ.  You can visit his tumblr here.

Alyssa –   is a student at Florida Christian College, where she is studying Elementary Education and Bible. She aspires to many things and because of her indecisive nature, can never seem to narrow down her passions (or anything else for that matter). Though vocationally she aims to become a teacher, her heart is for the lost nations, art, worship ministry, and the Church. After coming to Christ at sixteen, Alyssa started on the journey of discovering what it truly means to fall in love with God and bring hope to a broken, fallen world.

Many people tend to refer to Alyssa as zealous, artistic, introverted, complicated, and horribly awkward. In addition to these things, she is also a coffee addict, lover of aged books (and their divine aroma), and suffers from a severe case of wanderlust. Alyssa’s interests (and occasional obsessions) include, but are not limited to – folk music, cardigans, free writing, Christmas lights, coffee shoppes, thrifting, classic literature, journals, poetry, history, photography, TOMS, theology, classical music, the night sky, sunrises, Africa, and cats. Oh, and Jesus. She thinks He’s a pretty cool guy, too. For a full glimpse inside the inner workings of Alyssa’s spastic head and heart, please visit her blog, Sacred Intent.

Rachel – lives in Toronto, Ontario where she works for Canada’s leading educational publisher. A Pentecostal Minister’s daughter, Rachel speaks fluent “Christianese” (read: she knows who Michael W. Smith is, what the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is and she can recite a lot of “Veggie Tales” episodes) and loves exploring how her views on women’s roles in the church and society are met with current practices in the Evangelical world.  She always sees the world through Christian-coloured glasses informed by a lifetime of integration in Church culture (which she sometimes pokes harmless fun at).

Rachel can sing every part of ‘Les Miserables’ from start to finish (but not simultaneously), she is a lifelong Sherlockian, frequent traveller and boring bookworm. She probably should have lived 160 years ago.  She rambles loquaciously at A Fair Substitute for Heaven.


 Baylee C. – is a midwestern native from Texas, although she gets defensive if you point out her accent. You could say she dresses like a granny, as many have, but she doesn’t mind. When she’s not listening to Johnny Cash, she’s likely to have a camera/pencil/glass of sweet tea in hand. She attempts to play the piano, guitar, and mandolin, and loves her church choir. After she finishes her last year as a homeschooler, she’d like to pursue a Biblical Counseling degree and become a wedding photographer.  Baylee also blogs at To Deliver Grace.

Additional Contributor – Meredith King