Are you interested in contributing at this site?  We enjoy featuring guest contributors and are always on the lookout for new material to share with others.  If you have an article submission, are interested in writing an article but are unsure of what topic to cover, or found something we might like to post at this site, please feel free to contact us!  You can do so by dropping us a line at this page or at the contact page.  Please leave your e-mail address or another method to contact you, and let us know if you want your comment to stay screened, in which case your contact information will stay private.

Submission Guidelines –

1. Articles can be as short or as long as you like, but will be published at the discretion of our editor and founder.

2. Write about something that moves you.  Or that makes you smile.  Something genuine or meaningful, which people can relate to.  Basically, anything you think people will be interested in reading. =)

3. Please keep in mind our audience when submitting an article.  We appreciate submissions that are raw and honest, but please make sure that they are appropriate for our readers.

4. By submitting your article to this site, you give the editor permission to publish it at this site, and to make edits to the article as seen fit (mainly for grammar reasons, etc.).  However, your work is copyrighted to you, and you can request to approve any edits before they go public.

6. We cannot offer any compensation for publishing articles.  However, guest contributors may have credit in the form of a short bio. with their articles.

7. Submissions can be published anonymously if you prefer.

8. These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

More Ways to Help –

If you enjoy reading this blog, please spread the word by linking to us at your site, or by sharing blog posts on tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, or other social media sites!  We thank you for becoming a part of our online community, and hope that this site is an encouragement!

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