We believe – it’s true that sometimes we need room to breathe. Sometimes modern Christianity is full of weirdness that looks nothing like the love preached by Christ. Sometimes we need to be reminded that God gives us spacious souls not so that we can become lost in the wilderness, but so that He can meet us there. This blog is here to help remind you. God loves you.

We are a community – of people dedicated to sharing truths and personal stories, being fully alive, and being ambassadors of God’s love.  

We claim – Jesus Christ as the one and only Saviour of lives.  We believe that salvation is a free gift from God, and in the absolute truth of God’s Word. 

We value – human life, freedom, spirituality, creativity, and that people are made equal in worth, but different.  We believe in treating others with kindness, even if we do not necessarily agree with them.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so please keep that in mind when commenting at this site!

Have a question?  Wed love if you drop us a line!

This blog is a member of the Top 100 Christian Women Blog List


Website background image: You Were Born to Fly from Scholar’s Layouts, used w/ permission.  

All writing on this site, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted.  Please give the appropriate credit (www.joyfulidealist.wordpress.com), or the name of the writer/guest contributor- see the writers page for our list of writers) if you share.  Thank you!

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