Saying “I Love God” Is Not Enough


On 100% commitment, by Hannah.

I have been a believer in Christ for many years, and it has been quite a while since I accepted Christ into my life, over 16 years ago.. although not all of my family is Christian, I was raised to know the Bible well – and could quickly find verses (thank you, children’s Sunday school, for holding verse locating competitions: although we were probably driven more by the desire to gain candy at the time, gaining a knowledge of the Bible’s contents aided me greatly when I became more mature).

However, there is something which I have realized recently, like a slap in the face- I love God, but have been afraid to fully commit to Him. Don’t misunderstand: I can recite verses by heart. I go to church weekly, and have for the greater part of my life. While not all of my life have I been fully devoted to Christ, my relationship with Him is healthy: I pray daily, read devotionals, and believe the Gospel, through and through. I have been changed by it, and it affects my life greatly.

Yet – I realize that saying to God, “I love you” is not enough. If you want to be in a marriage, caring about someone and saying “I love you” is not enough on which to base a future together. In the same way, mouthing our affections to God and loving the *idea* of Him is not the same as truly committing your life to Him, 100%. Love demands commitment. Love demands our whole commitment.

You are not in a committed relationship with someone if you know each-other well, meet weekly, and believe in or like the same things. You are not in a committed relationship simply through feeling affectionately toward someone. YOU DO NOT LOVE SOMEONE, TRULY, UNLESS YOU ARE COMMITTED TO THEM. Committed to serving them, sacrificing for them,  putting them first, and being truly devoted and caring.

The Bible instructs us to commit our plans to the Lord, so that they will succeed. However, greater than our plans, our desires, us, us, us – is Him. Perhaps this is why sometimes my vision has been cloudy: I couldn’t hear from God on big decisions because I was so focused on my self and my fears and anxiety, instead of my commitment to Him.

I have held back at times from giving God everything, because I feared what it would cost. What if it meant the death of my desires? Yet, what if their death is exactly what is needed for God to place growth in my life?

God is enough. He knows our deepest desires, purpose, hopes, fears – and He is willing to give us His best, if we trust Him and commit. He compels us – pleads with us – open your heart, commit to me, and see how I will bless you, take care of you, heal, restore, protect, renew, LOVE you. When we give ourselves over 100% to Him, He will never let us down.

I want to say – I am sorry if I have not committed 100%. If sometimes I have been selfish or fearful or held back from truly committing to God. It is scary to not only believe that you are Loved, but to live as if it is true. Let us begin today.

Comment Below:

How are you holding back from giving God your 100%? Are you willing to commit?

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