It’s Time for a Fresh Start


A new year, and a long-overdue blog reboot!  By Hannah.

We’re back!  Please stick with us as this site undergoes several changes with a much belated blog reboot- and we apologize for our long hiatus!  Along with the updates**, expect some new content, new thoughts and ideas, and fresh perspectives for life after the freshman (college/university) year.  There will still be some content for younger readers, but we hope to add more mature content as our blog (and writers) mature and experience new things in life.

Also, we thank our readership for continuing to stop by occasionally, despite our recent blogging silence.  Site stats speak volumes!  We look forward to sharing new truths, perspectives and stories.. and please continue to submit your own!

NOTE: We are also currently accepting new writers, male or female, whether in or out of college, in high school, a stay-at-home, or career-person. People from all walks of life can apply.  Please click our contact page and drop us a note if you are interested!

**Updates so far include: a completely new site layout, a few writer profile updates, a fixed link list (all broken links deleted), and a new drop-down menu for article archives.

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