Silencing Intimidation For The Sake Of Greater Things


Silencing Intimidation for The Sake of Greater Things, by Sarah

This has not been an easy semester, or year really, for me.
Why, you ask? Well, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway because I hate ambiguity/usually disclose more than I should.
Knowing that this is my last semester of school for now makes time pass slowly. I’ve watched my favorite professor show his true colors, my roommate leaves non-confrontational, grammatically incorrect notes on the fridge when life doesn’t suit her, I’m serving on leadership in an organization where people regularly tell me my ideas suck, and when people found out I was in a relationship they thought it was a stunt I was pulling for attention.
I’ve battled depression since I was 16, so you know, these things are definitely a piece of cake for me to process.  (Let me just sidebar here for a moment to give you a definition of “sarcasm”. . .)

Tired of combatting the speculations over my personal life and discouragement over my fundraising for Uganda, I finally had enough. I broke down and went to Starbucks as soon as I got off of work.  I sat down with a green tea lemonade, my study Bible, and what is possibly my favorite podcast.  Jesus and I needed to spend some incredibly serious time together, and it needed to be now.

Jonathan David Helser has a podcast called “Born For Greatness” that I recommend for anyone who has ever felt inadequate or scared or has taken a breath on this earth. I’ll give you the link right now (see here), and I won’t be offended if you just stop reading this right now so you can go listen.  Actually, I would rather you do that.

The thing I love about this podcast is how it opens up with a straight up spiritual punch in the face.

“The exact place you are hit with the most fear is the place you are created to do great things,”

Let that sink in with you for a moment. Read it again. Good stuff, right?
I find myself often hit with fear.  Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of falling flat on my face in front of everyone.  More recently, fear has taken shape in the form of $8,000 and the next year of my life.  After raising around $900 for the World Race, I knew the Lord was calling me to a different path.  Trusting Him and His guidance and going into serious prayer, I withdrew from the Race so that I will be able to spend five months in Uganda.  The money in my AIM account will now go to help other people who will be leaving on the World Race. Although I have people who support me in this decision and I know this is where God is leading me for this season of life, it hasn’t come without a fair share of skepticism which makes fundraising difficult.  I’m going to Uganda independent of an organization, so the fundraising is something I have to handle all on my own and so far I’ve only managed to raise $10.

With this worry on my heart, I sat down to listen to this podcast once again.  Truth ran over me in a new way, as if it were the first time I had ever heard it.

See, fear is a tool of the Enemy which he uses to intimidate us.  The Enemy has to use intimidation because otherwise he is completely, totally powerless. He can’t do anything other than intimidate us, but if we give into that intimidation then he has won.  If I allow the Enemy to intimidate me and place a yolk of fear upon me, then I’m basically telling God that I don’t trust Him to provide.  By allowing Satan to bring me down and discourage me, I’m telling God that He isn’t good, He won’t provide, and I doubt Him.
This is unacceptable.  Actually, it’s repulsive.
It’s rejecting Truth and accepting death, it’s a direct insult to God.  After stepping out in faith and telling Him that I will follow His will all the way to Uganda, if I allow fear to take over, I’m telling God that He is wrong.
No longer will I walk in that lie.  No longer will I believe that death which Satan throws at me.  Instead, I am going to step up and walk in the Truth of who the Lord has made me to be.  Why?

Because when Satan throws an obstacle in your way, Christ is right there with even greater provision.

All the Enemy can do is try to intimidate me, but if I refuse to give in then he can never win.  Instead, I’m trusting in my God who has promised me great things, who has gone before me and laid out the path, and He knows where every single dollar will come from. $8,000 is pocket change to Him.  No matter what other people think, no matter what rumors they spread or discouragement they throw at me, my God has a plan and a purpose and so much provision in store.  He has shaped my life and written my story so that He is brought the glory and TRUTH will reign. I have no reason to worry, no reason to believe the lies.

The Lord has a plan, He has a purpose, and He never stops providing.  He has made me for great things, to take His name to the nations and share His love with the world.  The love of Christ is the power to stop intimidation from the Enemy, to speak truth and life and pour out living water to every corner of the earth.  His provision is great, His love is powerful, and His Truth is constant.  Believe it, accept His crazy love for you, and walk forward in truth knowing that you were born for GREATNESS.

This post originally appeared here at Sarah’s blog, and is reprinted with permission.  *Note: in order to listen to the podcast included with this post, you may need to download Flash Player, or use Internet Explorer as your browser.

To find out more about Sarah, visit our writer’s page.  

Art Credit: Tumblr


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