Born to Deliver – Review


Born To Deliver book review, by Hannah. 

I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of Born to Deliver by Kathy Brace, with Natalie Wickham. Kathy and Natalie were kind enough to contribute a copy of this book so that our readership could be introduced to the story.  Thank you so much to the two of them for their kind offer!

One of the great qualities about this book is that it is true, which in and of itself is unusual for a book of this nature.  The writers summed up the story well in a letter they included with the book, saying that it “is a true story that shares the reality of the consequences of sexual promiscuity and chasing worldly  happiness, but also the beauty of God’s redemptive power when we surrender our hearts and lives to Him”.

Born to Deliver takes a candid look at Kathy’s personal struggles to find purpose and live by faith despite the “wreck of her past”.  I appreciated the realness of this book, which you can tell is written from a place in the author’s heart.  Nothing about this book seemed contrived, like books on the subject of redemptive love often are.  Rather, it stands out because the reader can relate to Kathy’s searching.  For example, Kathy writes, “How was I supposed to know what real love was, anyway?  I had never seen it or experienced it“. It is this desire to understand the realness of love that ultimately characterizes Kathy’s story.

This book will be meaningful to anyone who has a less than “shiny” family history.  So often it seems that stories about grace are presented as too sterile, to the point at which they no longer represent just how difficult it can be to trace God’s hand in everything.  It is my hope that readers will find that the case of Born to Deliver is different, and that the book will help women as they relate to Kathy’s hardships, and also to the unwavering grace of God.  As Kathy writes, “The love and acceptance I needed was real“.  This need is just as urgent and innate in every human being. Yet as Kathy was to discover, it’s fulfillment can be found in nothing less than the greatest love on earth.

For additional information about the book, please stop by the Born to Deliver site.  You can also purchase the book at Amazon.  Disclosure: A complimentary copy of Born to Deliver was provided to the blog editor in return for her honest review.

To find out more about Hannah K., visit our writer’s page.

Art Credit: Born to Deliver (Sibro Publishing)

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