Interview with Bree Holloway

Fact: Bree Holloway helped with designing the icon art for this blog (from a graphic edited by Lea). 

An interview with Bree Holloway

Sometimes it helps to know that blog readership includes a community of readers all over the world.  We may not get to know every reader here, but today we will introduce you to one such person!  Her name is Bree Holloway.  Recently we had the opportunity to do an interview swap with Bree, and she featured our editor at her blog (see the interview here).  We hope that you enjoy reading, and that it is a reminder of the community of readers of which you are a part.

1. Bree – tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m Bree Holloway, and I’m a shortie – 5’2”. I’m also a God-follower, a graphic designer, a photographer, a literature nut, and writing enthusiast, and a coffee-drinker.

2. What got you started with blog designing?

I started blogging a few months after my sister. The premade templates weren’t my cup of coffee, so I decided to try and make my own. Through trial and error, Googling the most odd questions I’ve ever Googled, and lots of horrid looking blog designs, I finally began to make progress. In 2010, I launched my blog design business, then titled “iDesigns”. Two year later, here I am with a full-grown studio, much more experience, and more of a personal style. Honestly, three years ago I had no idea I would end up doing this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. Do you plan on continuing to do designing in the future?

I’m not exactly sure. I definitely don’t want to quit any time soon, though, and would love to upgrade to Photoshop in the very near future. =) And since writing (my other hobby) isn’t exactly a steady-paying job, I might keep up the two simultaneously. At any rate, I haven’t published a book yet, so I’m good for now.

4. What are some of your other interests and hobbies?

I have been taking French for two years, and am head-over-heels in love with it. *sigh* Such a beautiful language. I would love to be fluent one day. I dance about 10-12 hours a week at a Christian dance studio near my home. Dancing is not only my prefered art, but also my relief at the end of a long day. I am currently writing a novel (fiction). You can read the synopsis below:

Ara Isolde is a young, bold girl, daughter of the lord of the land. But when her father passes away just after her sixteenth birthday, and Ara is pressured to marry so she may take on the ladyship, she cracks, and runs from the palace, taking up a small child named Kaitlyn in her escape. But the two can’t hide forever, and soon Ara finds herself pulled into a deep abyss of war, lies, and eventually, love.

I also love photography. Suffice it to say, I can’t exactly make up my mind.

5. Do you maintain a blog as well?

Yes, I have a writing/lifestyle blog called Tea & Bree. You can find it here.

6. What are your reasons for blogging?

I like to have a place to share my latest work and get others’ opinions on it. It it incredibly helpful, and also very fun.

7. What are you most looking forward to during this upcoming week?

I am hoping to scratch out some spare time to finish reading Jenny’s The Shadow Thingsand get in a little writing of my own. =)

8. What are your biggest sources of encouragement, other than God and family?

My biggest encouragement is ultimately from God, but I am also encouraged a lot by my sweet, sweet blog readers. All their comments mean a *lot* to me.

9. Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Thank you for having me, and thank you for reading, friends! It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you better, and to tell you about myself.

Art Credit: Bree Holloway (self-portrait)

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