Field of Sunflowers

Contributed by Charity, who is now a part of our blog-writing team!  You can read more about her at our writer’s page.

Even though there are hundreds of sunflower fields in Colorado, my favorites grow wild in overgrown pastures and along broken fences. They are bright, cheerful little things that never fail to bring a smile to my face. I find sunflowers fascinating, because they’re one of the few flowers that follow the pattern of the sun. They swivel as the day progresses, always keeping their “faces” toward the light. I wonder why God created them that way? Did He merely do it to bring a smile to the face of all who stopped to ponder the meaning in the preferences of a sunflower? Or was it to remind us, as all things should, of His existence?

Sunflowers follow the light. They receive their strength for survival from the radiance of something much larger than themselves. The sun is enormous—many times larger than our planet; it dwarves everything else in space, and puts out such light that even other planets are illuminated by it. Most people don’t think about the sun. It’s there, but we normally pass over it. We take the sun for granted. It comes up in the east; it sets in the west, and the hours in-between we’re occupied with life in general. Shopping, eating, carpooling, working from nine until five. It gets dark, and we barely notice because we’re accustomed to night. We ignore the sun except for those brief intervals when we set out to find it by getting a tan on the beach or the porch roof. Then we bask in its warm glow and go back to life as usual.

Have you ever thought about how much energy the sunflower puts into following the sun across the sky? When the sun moves, the flower mimics, always keeping its eyes on the source of light. When darkness falls, it turns expectantly to the east, awaiting the light to return. How is this relevant in our lives? Because like the sun, God is massive; He is huge. We take him for granted. He’s constant, always there. He’s in our lives even when we ignore His presence as we go about our daily lives. His pattern never changes, He is always reliable… when darkness comes He will bring the morning again. His light illuminates not only our lives, and the world at large, but it reaches into the supernatural, the beyond that we can only catch glimpses of, the far reaches of the universe. The instances when we seek His light are like the times when we want to tan; we enter into His presence for a short time and bask in the warmth, then retreat out of it again into our normal lives, bearing a tan but no lingering affects.

We would do well to follow the advice of the little sunflowers growing along the fence. Whenever God moves, we move. We are constantly attentive to Him, just basking in the warmth of His enduring love. We should trail after His light faithfully, following His pattern across the sky… and when darkness comes, those periods of despair and pain when the shadow lies across our lives, turn toward the horizon in expectation that the sun will rise; God will still be there. He will provide the light once again. From the instant the sunflower unfolds to the moment it dies, it follows this faithful pattern of adoration. Our lives should reflect its persistence; from the time we’re old enough to understand, until we draw our final breath and go into the light.

Sunflowers grow wherever they please; they need not be planted, but flourish because of the Light.

To find out more about Charity, read here.

Art Credit: Pinterest 


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