The Preface to a Bohemian Soul

In the article below, Hannah recaps waiting and God’s timeliness.

I was born with wanderlust.  Perhaps you were too, and if so you understand: the love for photographs of foreign landscapes, of languages and culture and music; the desire to see more countries than you can count on one hand.  God made some of us with traveler’s hearts, fingers that like to trace borders on maps and globes, and an imagination given to envisioning walking on cobblestone streets in Dublin, or eating a curry dish in Calcutta.  Travelers like to feel the world’s heartbeat, rather than listening from afar.

So when defining adventure, it seems only natural to feel that it is found among diverse nations, on the decks of ships at sea, and in far corners of the earth.  Certainly to follow God must be to live like a modern bohemian or a Mark Twain.  Or, at the very least an Amy Carmichael.  It feels that way at times.

Yet we also live in a world accustomed to fast-paced stories and quick problem-resolution: to action-adventure movies that start when things are already “going”, and stories that have no part in “waiting”.  I think that is where we go wrong.

I was born with wanderlust, but not with patience: that is something learned, and something I haven’t mastered yet.  And I think I would be remiss to start my stories of travels where the action begins, without prefacing it with a recap of the waiting.  Of the wishing.  Of the wondering whether the story would ever get “going”.  I used to think that God gave some people the desire to travel and a love for the world because He meant for them to go and love it, first hand.  I still believe this.  However, I am also beginning (just beginning, mind you) to see how much of the waiting is meaningful, and just as much an act of following Him as packing a suitcase.

If God has meant for you to go, go you will.  Maybe not quite yet, but eventually.  I hope you will embrace exactly who He made you to be.  But if it takes some waiting in the wings, and it will, I hope you will use it for practice and preparation.

I never thought I would be traveling this soon: but if I’m honest with myself, it has felt years away more often than it has felt near.  This could be contrasted with how in action-adventure movies, the credits scroll in after everything exciting has finished happening… yet in real life, the credits scroll through at the beginning, not the end of the story.  The preparation and hard work and meeting the right people and mentors for the journey comes before getting “going”.  I think, though, that when you trust Him, God can surprise you with His timeliness.  He knows what He’s doing a lot better than we give Him credit.  Even toward those of us He gave Bohemian souls.

More thoughts on this subject: Is Living a Good Story Always Exciting?, “Radical is in my resume.  Radical is part of our calling.  But radical can be dangerous”, “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into doing it” (Mother Therese), and… for the potential missionaries. =)

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  1. I love the way you put that. The name ‘Bohemian Soul’ makes me even prouder to have one. Its encouraging to hear someone describe such an important and unidentified part of me in themselves…especially to hear that your travelling now..I’m still in the wait.

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