Adventures and Storytellers, At Home and Abroad

From the Editor: Hello, blog readers!  This summer brings exciting developments, and God has been doing amazing things. First, some of our writers will be abroad (more about that later).  This is both a blessing and will be challenging, and we hope you will consider praying for all our staff this summer, both those at home and abroad.

We also hope that those of you who will be staying at home doing summer-things won’t feel left out!  In addition to writing about travels, in a future post we will feature some links to articles that talk about rethinking the meaning of adventures at home.  This is because we believe that God has a purpose for you no matter where you are, geographically or in your spiritual walk.  I also hope that readers haven’t minded the slowness of this past month at the blog; preparation for leaving and finals at school has taken a bit of the writing-wind out of me and others, but when I return I hope to have lots to share.

In the meantime, Charity has volunteered to help fill the gap with some great and thought-provoking articles that I will set to be published in my absence.  If you would like to contribute to our blog, you can always feel free to do so!  You can read about our submission guidelines here.  I shall leave you with a poem that I wrote for National Poetry Month, as promised previously.  I hope you enjoy reading and have a happy summer and remainder of spring!  ~ Hannah Kingsley


Words are tools given
Made for spelling out more than sounds and syllables,
Not just for rhymes or riddles,
We were given speech to say the things that looks cannot say alone.
To communicate is our unique ability
A gift: or when we abuse it, a curse-
Made to build up, able to break,
Here to lift up, there to take.
Words are built of heart and soul,
Reflective of what’s inside- not two parts but the whole.
Storytellers: don’t be afraid to stand before a crowd,
To speak the words aloud –
Not hide in corners with cremated scripts,
But breathe words, living words, on moving lips.
We need not more silence,
But resonant sound:
Meaning-filled and purpose-bound,
Not to impress others to think better of story-givers,
But impress on their hearts that they are each story-livers:
This is the job of poets, writers, actors, you:
Speech-givers, hope-livers, and the I-feel-so-ordinary, too.
To understand that everyone is needed.
None unwanted: hearts able to heal though they may feel defeated,
And each story meshed together in one,
Each life desired, designed, and given freedom when one said “It is done”:
That you would tell the story of all the stories, the story,
Not another tale of searching and worry:
But instead words like stars in the skies,
Spelling out love in place of emptiness and lies-
This is the job of storytellers: to restore, recover, reclaim-
To help, build up, and heal the lame.
Words are tools given not to keep but to give,
Words not to harm, but words to help live.

– Poem by Hannah Kingsley


I hope that you will join us this summer in making and telling stories, at home and abroad.  To quote Naomi Wolf, “… if that particular story of yours is not told- if storytelling is your medium- or if that certain song is not sung- if you are meant to sing- and even if there is almost no one to hear it at the end, then it is not just the artist who has sustained a quiet tragedy; the world has, too” (The Treehouse).

What story will you share?

To find out more about Hannah K., visit our writer’s page.

Art Credit: Pinterest

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