Bio Terrorism, Jesus Spit, and Other Tales of Apathy

In the following article, Sarah talks about the destructiveness of apathy versus active faithfulness.  We welcome Sarah to our writer’s team!  You can read more about her at our writer’s page.

Every now and then, there is this beautiful moment when everything works out in your favor. I experienced one of these moments when my spring semester class schedule left my Mondays wide open: no classes, no work, nothing at all. I made great plans for productivity to occur. I’d get up early, hit the gym, have a good portion of time to cover my friends in prayer and pour into my Bible.

In reality, I’ve spent almost every single Monday this semester lying in bed until lunch time and only rolling out of bed to meet friends while they did homework. I like to think that this tendency to waste time kicked in simply because I work just so hard and totally deserve this time off, but when I am completely honest with myself I come to realize the ugly truth: this kind of apathy runs rampant throughout my life.

Apathy is the thing that has gotten me into the worst situations throughout my life; it’s the reason my grades are not so spectacular, the reason I am constantly struggling to put gas in my car or mooching my roommate’s shampoo, and the reason I have a string of broken relationships. Ask anyone around you and I bet they’ll tell you their greatest struggle is laziness. It seems that apathy isn’t something we see as a threat or an issue we need to tackle at the moment; this is just another lie Satan uses against us, and if we’re completely honest with ourselves it’s working. Apathy is like the bio-terrorist of spiritual warfare: you don’t know it’s hit you until the infection has kicked in.

Often, I live out this apathy in my faith. It’s way too easy to let dust collect on my Bible and stay in bed or to let my mind focus on the latest episode of Criminal Minds instead of spending that 45 minutes in prayer.

Apathy is a sneaky little bugger that crawls in through the smallest cracks and breeds in the quiet places, and you never notice until it’s overtaken everything. Apathy is what causes blade to meet skin night after night. Apathy is what creates the little “+” sign you were not prepared to read. Apathy is the sound of jeans hitting floor despite knowing you were more than that. Apathy is the reason there are 27 million slaves in the world today and millions of children going to bed hungry and without parents to care for them.

In Revelation, John speaks directly to the issue of apathy, or as we more commonly refer to it in Christianese, “being lukewarm”:

So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth,” (Revelation 3:16, ESV)

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be in the presence of Christ even when that presence means metaphorically being in His mouth. To know that being apathetic is so disgusting to God that He would rather spit us out than have us in His presence is a big deal. Think about the most disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted (In my case, this would be a tie between a fried egg and a boiled sheep’s tongue) and think about how you reacted to it. Maybe you spit it on the floor or were lucky enough to make it to the trash can in time. That is how strongly the Lord feels about apathy; He’d rather spit you out like a repulsive taste than be near you. I think if we really understood the way He felt about apathy, we’d be working a little bit harder to fight against it. Choosing to be apathetic is like looking Christ in the face and saying, “Go ahead, see how far you can launch me! Tastes pretty bad, right?”

Apathy is destroying us as we sit and allow this to happen. We’re saying “yes” to injustice and allowing Satan to get a step ahead all because we’re simply choosing to do nothing. The challenge ahead of every single one of us is to fight apathy, choose justice, and realize that by choosing to fight the battle Christ has already won, we are sticking it to Satan and living fully in the presence of Christ. Our choice is to either fight the battle or be spat out like a repulsive taste. The choice is simple, the battle is hard, but He is right there beside us and fighting when we fall. He is our strength when we are weak and sustains us through the night. We simply have to make the choice.

And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be a struggling warrior than a wad of rejected Jesus-spittle on the ground.

To find out more about Sarah, visit our writer’s page.

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