What We’re Up To (and a giveaway)

Updates and giveaway from the Editor.

It seems as if lately the months have been flying by!  As a result, I thought it might be time to give our readers a few updates, as well as some information on what’s to come at the blog.

1. We have added a new member to our list of regular contributors!  Please welcome Sarah, whom you can read about at our writer’s page, or by visiting her personal blog here.  We will be featuring a fantastic article she wrote on spiritual apathy.

2. In addition to having a new regular contributor, we will (hopefully within the week) be featuring an article by guy contributor and aspiring worship pastor Mark Muldez!

3. If you are already gearing up for summer break, you may be interested in adding a free novel to your summer reading list!  In association with Guest Hollow, readers of this blog can enter a book giveaway for Frank Peretti’s Illusion.  The giveaway is being hosted here on the site (click the link here to visit the giveaway), and will be open for 2 weeks.  You can enter by commenting at the link.

4. I (Hannah K.) am very excited because I will be interning in Japan this summer!  As a result, I would love if readers would consider submitting articles that we could feature during the time I will be away.  I can then schedule posts to make sure that we’re covered for the month. =)

5. April is National Poetry Month, and we encourage our readers to participate. =)  If you have a poem you would like featured at this blog that you believe our readers would enjoy, please consider submitting to the site!  I (Hannah K.) will also be sharing one or more poems when I am finished participating, and I would love if others would join the event.

Art Credit: Pinterest


    1. Yes, I’m pretty excited! ^_^
      I will definitely let you know some topic ideas (sorry I’ve been taking my time with that.. ).
      Is he? 🙂 I’ve never actually read one of his books, but my mom has been telling me that Illusion is fantastic, so maybe I’ll get around to reading it eventually. You mentioned in another comment that he co-wrote a book with Dekker? Now I have read one of Dekker’s novels, and I very much enjoyed it. It was definitely different from what I’m used to with “Christian” literature.

      1. Frank Peretti has written some amazing stuff about the battles between angels and demons. I think my favorite of his books are the earlier ones — like “This Present Darkness,” but he’s always great; very engaging, his pacing is good, and the story lines have a sinister twist. I haven’t read anything recent that he has done, but yes, I think he co-wrote “Monster House” (or is it just “Monster”?) with Ted Dekker. I’m afraid Dekker disappointed me with a plot twist in one of his books, so I’ve not read any since.

  1. Interesting.. I’ll have to read something of his sometime. 🙂 (Perhaps my mom’s other copy of Illusion, lol)
    As to Dekker, I have read his book Immanuel’s Veins and enjoyed it, though it was not of my usual reading fare. It reminded me a bit of Quo Vadis (even though the subject matter is very different). The setting was also unusual; it’s a worthwhile read.

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