There Will Be Days Like This

In the article below, Hannah talks about worry, discouragement, and a God that promises good.  (Editor: Please note more articles are in the works, and I appreciate your patience as I complete several pressing projects.)

“There’ll be days like this, my momma said. When you open your hands to catch and wind up with only blisters and bruises; when you step out of the phone booth and try to fly and the very people you want to save are the ones standing on your cape; when your boots will fill with rain, and you’ll be up to your knees in disappointment. And those are the very days you have all the more reason to say thank you.”

B, Sarah Kaye

There are good days.  And then there are those days.  Days when everything goes wrong.  When discouragement is ever-present.  When your efforts toward good things feel futile, and your strength reaches an all-time low.  There are days when you want to throw your hands in the air and say I can’t do it all!  What is easy to forget is that you don’t have to do everything alone.  Sometimes on those days my mom will intervene.  It doesn’t matter whether the fears gnawing my heart and mind have to do with the future or school or imagined impending dooms.  You don’t have to do this alone.  She reminds.  In her calming way, she helps me to rearrange my thoughts.

We need those words spoken louder, and amplified through our hearts.  We need to both hear and believe them, and for them to truly lay claim on our souls.  You know you don’t have to do this alone, right?  On hard days, on difficult days, on easy days, too.  Like a lyric of a song I wrote in the midst of thoughts on trust and worry says, He will not leave us empty to suffer on our own.  God does not abandon those He loves.  He promises good, but He doesn’t promise easy.

Recently, I have had talks with some of my friends about our worries and fears.  So often they become less valid in a space where voices of support offer mutual encouragement, and reminders of truth.  Patient voices remind one another, there will be days like this.  And those hard days do not necessarily determine a negative future, even if they feel like it at the time.  Good paths do not promise feet without calluses.  As one of my friends pointed out to another, “would it be worth it if it were easy?”.  Our struggles do not need to define failure.  Good battles have days like this, too.

Those days do not last.  Times of trial often do several things: first, they root one’s soul deeper in the truth.  Like a tree assaulted by storms, in difficulties we have the opportunity to dig roots deeper into God and find in Him increased strength.  A tree grows greater in girth with every storm and is better able to stand in those that come later.

Times of trial move us from place to place.  Sometimes difficult days help us to make decisions, to change a direction, and to move closer in step with Jesus’s lead.  They can function like a catalyst effect.

Perhaps most importantly, difficult days remind us to cast the entirety of our trust upon God.  He is not only able and willing to pull through for us in every hardship, but is desirous of doing so.  He promises good to those who fully trust Him, despite the risk (because there is a risk), and blesses those that follow Him.  When there are days like this, there is a God like this.  Loving, forgiving, grace-giving, hope-lifting and the maker of days like tomorrow.

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    1. Sonja – I’m so glad you got something out of it! ^_^
      I love her too!! She has such a big heart, and her words are amazing. I’m glad that you introduced me to her by linking to one of her videos a while back. Now I may be performing one of her poems at a college event in a month or so.

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