Guest Post – Morning Brew

Morning Brew, by guest contributor Charity.

I got up early and plugged in the coffee machine. I knew she would be awake soon, and I couldn’t wait to see the smile on her face. She always took her time in waking up. First she would bury her head beneath the pillows and sigh, then flip over onto her other side and cover her long golden locks with her arms. After awhile she would blearily peer forth, blinking away sleep from her long lashes. Then one leg would swing over the side of the bed and she’d get up, stretching in front of the mirror as she examined herself with dissatisfaction.

I sat in the kitchen waiting, her mug aligned perfectly with the brewing coffee that sent a luxurious scent through the house. Footsteps clambered on the stairs, usually appearing in pink fuzzy slippers. This morning they were already clad in stylish pumps. I felt the first dawning of disappointment as I looked up at her perfectly arranged hair and flawless features. “I’m sorry,” she said, observing the coffee pot brewing. “I have a meeting and can’t pause this morning. Tomorrow, I promise.” Giving me a kiss on the cheek, she picked up her car keys from the sideboard and hurried out.

It wasn’t the first nor the last time in recent weeks when this had happened. The morning before she “wasn’t in the mood” for caffeine, and had curled up at the kitchen table in her snoopy pajamas with the newspaper. The day before she’d gotten up at five to check her e-mail. There was never any time or interest in me aside from late at night, when she spoke a few words and fell asleep. Sadly I packed up the coffee pot and put it away. Someday she would need it, and want me to brew her a cup. Until that fateful day, I would patiently wait, but each morning she ignored me gave a little less sunshine into her world.


“And he [Jesus] withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.” – Luke 5: 16

In order to strengthen our walk with Christ, we must do two things.
1. Spend time with God
2. Fellowship with others

The second is the easiest, because we do it every week at church, but the first provides a bit of a problem. I know that every morning when I get up, the last thing I want to do is read my Bible. I’m still half asleep, I start yawning, and the words blur in front of my eyes. The trick is to actually get up out of bed (this is especially effective when it’s cold!) and sit somewhere. That wakes me up and helps me to concentrate. God is supposed to be our most trusted confidante, the place where we store our true feelings. He knows everything about us, and it must hurt when we ignore him. Just as friendships take effort on both sides, your relationship with Him requires constant nurturing. Reading your Bible every day is the beginning. Prayer is very important. Tell Him about everything.

If you don’t have time for this every morning, it’s like missing your daily cup of coffee. You have no caffeine to work off of when Life hits. Your problems seem much bigger without the quiet reassurance that God is there through it all. What right do we have to make demands from Him for intervention when we’ve passed Him sitting quietly by the counter every morning for six weeks, waiting for us to accept the cup of coffee He’s brewed for us? Every time you look at coffee, let it be a reminder that God loves you, and wants to spend time with you in the morning. He wants to help fulfill your day and give you peace, but He cannot do that when you leave the steaming mug on the counter.

More about Charity –

Charity is a twenty-something who spends most of her time writing — for work and for fun. She loves costume dramas, Siamese cats (and every other kind), and obsessing over history. She is currently the editor of Femnista, an online magazine aimed at young women. You can read it and more at

Art Credit: Morning Glory, edited by Hannah K.


  1. Wow, this is such a great comparison between coffee and God. Reading this made me think about the notion of praying without ceasing…very hard but very rewarding.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed Charity’s post! 🙂
      I agree- sometimes remembering to pray without ceasing can be difficult, but it can also can give us not just the constant conversation with God but the energy and vitality we need to go through each day.

      ~ Hannah K.

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