While The Clock Ticks

Christmas is fast-approaching, and this year I am a bit behind with the festivities (but just as much in love with them- and the reason behind them- as ever).  With one eye on my to-do list and another on the clock, this month includes a lot of “tying of loose ends”.  Just one example of this is that finals will begin early in at least one of my classes (tomorrow), and the deluge of tests will continue until midday of December 15th.

It feels good to be this near to a break!  It also feels good to look back on this past semester.  There have been a lot of challenges that I didn’t expect or immediately know how to handle, but God has born me through each one.  I’d like to say that once you overcome a series of obstacles it’s all downhill from there, but on the contrary.  The last several months have been tough; but rather than things becoming less tough now, I think God is teaching me to be a stronger uphill climber (and it’s not something to which I always take kindly).

It’s a good thing, too, because I could use the extra momentum as I wrap up various projects and prepare for something entirely unknown and entirely new: the year 2012.  I am sure the upcoming year will include challenges just as ripe with difficulty as this last one, but still with the opportunity for God to work good.. because that is what He does. =]  While the clock ticks, I am remembering that despite the last-minute dash for the finish line, the uncertainty of reaching for that last grade point, the unknowns of the new year ahead, and the frailty of life in general.. God is near.  His love will never disappear.  And that will (it must) always be more than enough.

Would I believe you when you would say/Your hand will guide my every way
Will I receive the words You say/Every moment of every day 
Well I will walk by faith /Even when I cannot see 
Well because this broken road /Prepares Your will for me 

– Jeremy Camp, “Walk by Faith”

Art Credit: Edith designer clock


  1. Thank you! =)
    Yes, every time I find myself complaining about the difficulties, I think how interest-less a story would be without obstacles in it’s plot to overcome. 😉 Adventures are a good thing.

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