The Gift of Giving – Elaini

Winter has more or less arrived, depending on where you live, and Christmas decorations (that began being sold as soon as summer had barely ended, so it would seem.. 😉 ) – are beginning to make an appearance in many homes around the world.  The Christmas season is a collective time to help remind us that our focus should be about giving, and the greatness of God’s love.

In keeping with that Christmas spirit, I recently had the opportunity to interview fashion-blogger “Miss Elaini” of the blog Misselainous’ for Imagine Magazine.  Elaini has a heart for giving in keeping with the Christmas spirit, and has so far raised $39,124.14 for orphans in India, with the goal of raising $50,000.  You can read about her faith, fundraising efforts and more in an upcoming exclusive Imagine magazine interview!  The interview will be released at Imagine, and you can subscribe for free so that you don’ t miss the soon to be released December issue.  Until then, I asked Elaini to answer a few questions.   You can read her answers below the cut (or, if you’re interested in donating, click here).

Do you have any advice for young women who are interested in starting a fundraising project?

Choose something that you are passionate about because if you do then others will catch that excitement and then there’s no telling how much you can accomplish!  Take the time needed to work out your plan and to make it successful.   If you are working with another organization then make sure that you can fully support what they are about.  Getting advice from others is a wise idea.  Be flexible…  Pray a lot and enjoy the process! 

What inspires you?

Art, blogs, books, magazines, creation, friends and family…just about anything! Right now I am inspired by the song the 12 days of Christmas for my next blog/fundraising project. 🙂  My best ideas though are the ones that God reveals to me.  

Do you have a  favorite color, or a favorite outfit accessory?

I don’t really have a favorite color but I love vibrant hues.  I think a scarf is probably my favorite accessory.  You can do so many things with them!  I remember reading once that Audrey Hepburn only had two shirts and two skirts at one point in her life but that she had lots of scarves and she could do all sorts of things with them to make her outfit look different.  I like that and I hope that I can be as classy as she was.  

Don’t forget to read Elaini’s full-length interview in the next issue of

Imagine Magazine!

Visit Miss Elaini’s Blog


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