Why Shouldn’t We Worry?

Why is it so difficult to keep from worrying?  Recently I was discussing worry with a friend from church.  She shared a neat perspective on worry through the video above.  In the video, Pastor Andy Stanley addresses this issue through a funny and insightful sermon.  You can find more of his sermon series on YouTube (part 2, part 3).  I hope you enjoy watching!


  1. I am reading a great book on worry right now by Edward Welch. It’s excellent and says some of the same things Stanley does in this video. Definitely something God’s weeding out of my heart…slowly but surely. Thanks for posting!

  2. You are welcome! ^_^ I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Interesting.. perhaps I should look into Welch’s book. 🙂 I hope you are able to tackle some of your worry issues! Despite being an optimist, I can be a compulsive worrier sometimes as well, haha- it’s definitely not the easiest of habits to break. 😉

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