Femnista (Charity’s ‘Tude), Sep/Oct 2011

A  new, free issue of Femnista magazine (formerly Costume Chronicles/ Charity’s ‘Tude) has been released!  Yes, the magazine has been through another name change, but fear not, this change is intended to stick. 😉

Each issue of the webzine has a theme.  Previous themes have included a WWII/1930’s issue, Ancient Times, Inspiring Historical Figures, and so on.  This issue’s theme is literary men, with articles about many different male characters from Mr. Darcy to Captain Nemo, Edward Rochester to Gilbert Blythe.  Other articles in this issue include Austen’s Heroes in a Modern World, Paintings in Classics, and the Nine Adaptations of Jane Eyre.  The article that I wrote for this issue can be found on pages 24-25.  I hope you enjoy reading!


  1. This issue – as do all of them, turned out great. =)

    Love “North & South,” so it was great that you wrote about Richard A… or no, I mean… umm… Mr. Thornton! =D

    1. I thought so too, and thank you!
      North and South is wonderful (including Mr. Thornton, lol). Have you read the book by chance? I thought it couldn’t get any better than the film until I read it.

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