Life is Weird

Life is weird.  Or at least, college life can be.

  Sometimes I laugh inside at the things I encounter day to day at school and elsewhere.  It causes me both to appreciate life’s oddities and wonder how life becomes odd to begin with.  😉  Here are two odd things I encountered recently..

1. Weird thing number one: A poster for hair tinsel.  I saw this on a kiosk at school today, and wondered, ‘what in tarnation is hair tinsel?!’   I had visions of Christmas trees parading around my school.  When I researched the trend, I did find a few interesting renditions- see here, but most appear more over the top.  There is already a big trend on my campus of putting feathers in one’s hair.  What’s next- pompoms, yarn, and Popsicle sticks?  I would say beads, but that’s already been attempted. 😉

2. Another weird thing: extremely fake eyelashes.  It often seems that the majority of weird things at college come in the form of trends.  One of these is extremely fake eyelashes.  Perhaps the cases I’ve seen are not quite as bad as this image, but they can be pretty bad.  Ladies: it is not attractive!  It also may cause your classmates to wonder if you are a robot. 😉

3. The almost inescapable boom box beat.  Ahhhh!  I’ll be honest- maybe my musical taste is biased, but I think it odd how hard it is to actually avoid the sound of a rap-style or hip-hop beat.  It’s always escaping out of people’s high-volume headphones, or via a ringtone that goes off at an inopportune time.  It makes one think that in the case of college, being hard of hearing might have its musical merits..

What weird things have you seen at college or elsewhere of late? =)

Art credit: Kaylee Frye from Firefly


  1. I’ve seen a lot of the feathers-in-hair around this semester. I think it’s actually cool sometimes.

    Other than that, havne’t noticed any obvious trends.

  2. I agree, not all cases are bad. 🙂 This post is semi tongue-in-cheek, haha.
    Really, no trends? I guess my college must be the trend college or something, lol!! Which is not exactly the thing I would hope a college to have as a distinguishing feature.. 😉

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