Graceful Tragedy

How gracefully could you handle tragedy?  Could you embrace life after enduring great suffering?   The woman pictured, as well as her husband, both appear in the photograph to be a nice couple.  From their smiling faces and family pose, they seem to be the sort of people you want to know.  But what you might not know about them is that Stephanie Nielson and her husband suffered and survived a plane crash under incredible circumstances.  The event led to disfigurement and a future of expensive recovery treatments- but also an inspiring story that points to the truth that we are not a body, but we are a soul, and have a body (C. S. Lewis).  Read more below (this post contains some post-crash pictures).

Read the whole story here:

Read Stephanie’s blog:

Above: pre-crash photos.

Above: a post-crash photo.

Above: Stephanie before the crash.

Above: Stephanie, still radiant even with her post-crash scars.

Please note that while I find Stephanie’s story inspiring, I do not agree with her Mormon belief system. 


  1. Wow is all I can say. It makes you think about how you would respond in a situation like theirs. The other thing that went through my mind while reading about their story was the sad reality that they are involved in a religion that is false and will lead them to a sad ending. They’ve made an impact through their story but just imagine if the gospel of Christ was the focus of their hearts and if they used that. Just imagine if we would live our lives like she has…through tragedy and trials and coming out in the end proclaiming Christ is King. Thanks for sharing, it’s made me think!

  2. Indeed. 🙂 That is what went through my mind as well, and I like your observation about the increased impact their story could have had if circumstances were different. I do wonder how I would respond to a situation like theirs. It just about breaks my heart to think about it. What really saddens me is that if they don’t know the truth about the gospel, their ending shall include fire once again. 😦

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