I don’t know how many times I have thought what if the waistline on this dress hit just a bit higher?, or, what if the skirt on this dress were just a bit lower?, or even, why couldn’t they have made the neckline of this dress a scoop rather than a square?  I never thought I would come across a store that would give you all of these options and more on many of their styles. =)

I like to keep an eye out for deals on modest clothing, and recently I discovered something worth sharing.  My discovery is Zapelle, a clothing store based in India with an office in the United States (in Seattle).  The store ships internationally and allows buyers to customize their clothing with a variety of tunic length, skirt length, sleeve style and neckline options for different dresses, blouses, pants and more.  You can also put in your unique measurements to have your outfit more tailored to your individual height, bust size, and additional customization.

I have seen similar dresses, skirts, blouses as featured at Zapelle at other stores for upwards of 60-100$.  However, at Zapelle, very close styles sell for around 26-40$ (yes, you will have to calculate the prices shown on the site – Indian rupees- into U.S. dollars, because believe me, the dresses are not 3,000$!).  International shipping is an 8$ flat-rate, or free for orders over 50$ (see the ‘faq’ link under the ‘add to cart’ button at each clothing style’s page).  Sometimes it can be really difficult to find clothes that fit and are pretty, but Zapelle is worth checking out!

The site:

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