Change and Books

I am currently in the process of switching around the links on the side of my blog, until (hopefully) I’ll find an arrangement that I like! =)  As my interests mutate and grow and as I discover new websites, some slight changes become inevitable.  If you have suggestions of link categories or think I should eliminate specific categories, please do tell.  Also, if you have suggestions of sites I should visit in which I might be interested, please feel free to send the links along my way. =) 

You will notice that some of the fonts at my site may change as well.  I had intended when I made this blog to use certain fonts (in the header, for example), but they were not yet enabled for my type of wordpress blog.  They’ve since been enabled, so now I can add the new fonts at last!

In the meantime, as I change things up, I thought I’d ask about everyone’s summer reading lists.  I always make time for books, but summer affords me a bit more time than usual.  I’ve assigned myself quite a stack to read and am thoroughly enjoying making my way through the list.  I’ll be sharing some of those titles with all of you later.  What books do you hope to tackle next?  Are you lost in one or more already?  =)

Art credit: Pride and Prejudice (2005) 


  1. Well I hope to finish Great Expectations and Mainsfield Park, and after start Les Miserables and some more books by Julie Klassen and Elizabeth Gaskel.

  2. Evangeline – interesting! I don’t know that I’ve read anything that quite fit in the genre of “legal thriller” before. 🙂

    Liz: Oooh, I like Mansfield Park! How is Great Expectations? I’d like to read Les Miserables, too- I have the book, but I haven’t gotten around to reading it. I loooove the film (the version with Liam Neeson in it).
    What sort of books is Julie Klassen known for?
    As to Gaskell – I highly recommend North and South. I read it during the Spring and *loved* it. 🙂

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