Charity’s Tude Ezine – June 2011

Right about now I would typically be posting that my writing had been featured in a new issue of Costume Chronicles magazine, a free online costume drama resource.  Yet that is not the case because along with some change-ups in the magazine’s management, this month is the premiere of the first issue since the re-release of the newly-updated magazine, now entitled Charity’s Tude!  Charity’s Tude will include a broader spectrum of articles than just costume dramas, but will still be film-focused and free (However, you can still access the Costume Chronicles archive).  You can read the latest issue of Charity’s Tude here.  My most recent article, which discusses Elizabeth Gaskell and her story North and South, is featured on pages 28-29.  It looks to me like Charity has put a lot of work into this issue to make it fabulous as possible, and the article selection is great as well.  I hope you enjoy!

Art Credit: North and South, a BBC film mini-series

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