An Epic Life for God

Christianity has lost it’s epic wonder, it’s been shortchanged in grandeur and majesty. It’s lost it’s sense of honor, dignity, and heavenly decorum…  Today’s version of Christianity is sort of like a Jerry Seinfeld sitcom. It’s cordial, fun, and community-driven – but it’s myopic in its scope, it’s smallish in its mentalities, not to mention crass and completely lacking the fear of God. Christianity throughout the ages is grand, and its themes are world altering. It’s always been the combination of action adventure meets romantic drama. Sort of Lord of the Rings meets Jane Austen. – Eric Ludy

Lately I’ve been skimming my collection of quotations, and enjoying reading the words of insight and wit I have recorded at different times from books and elsewhere.  I came across the above quote by Eric Ludy, and as I read it, I thought about how living for God can be an epic adventure.

Depending on how large our vision and our trust in God, our life can be almost limitless, or we can live as if we were bound, unable to accomplish the desires that God has placed in our hearts.  Some of these binds we create ourselves.  Others are created by our individual lack of faith, or because we listen to the words of the world, telling us that God wouldn’t dare use us to accomplish impossible things.  Yet in the Bible we read that He often used weak men, small men, young men.  Similarily, he can use you to accomplish grand things despite what you or the world considers your “smallness”.  He can use you to defeat a Goliath.

Recently I came across another quote, this one from the film trilogy Lord of the Rings.

The character Aragorn asks, “What do you fear, my lady?”  Eowyn answers him, “A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.”  I think that to some degree this is true of most people.  Yet what most people don’t realize is that many of us do live in cages of some kind or another, whether self-constructed or created by another.  Yet Christ is the very thing that can free us from such cages to fight battles and be victorious.

How often do we really think about this?  Live it?  Believe it?  Yet regardless of our views on whether life can be an epic adventure lived for God, the reality remains the same.  Yet so many of us still choose to live nominal lives, rather than embracing the full spiritual reality of braving the path that God has laid before us.  Here are some things that might be holding you back from living a live that is an adventure.

Making good choices – not great ones.

Merely standing out- not standing for something.

Doing well- not doing excellent.

Believing things that are true- not sharing the truth.

Having faith in God- not risking stepping out in your faith for Him.

Spending time with God- not spending time with Him as if you love and want to honor Him.

Desiring good things from God- not doing good things for God and others.

As Eric Ludy pointed out, Christianity is being shortchanged by a collective lack of being sold-out for Christ.  You, in fact, may be shortchanging yourself of certain blessings or even a sense of purposeful adventure and the fulfillment that comes from a life staked entirely in God by not living out Epic Christianity.  What are you willing to change in order to embrace the adventure God intends you to live?

Art credit: Eowyn from Lord of the Rings


  1. Amen. I love the last part … convicting. Thanks for you comment on my blog! And thank you for the welcome! I did know you were on staff, I had an aha moment one day after I had subscribed to your blog. 🙂 Look forward to working with you ladies!


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