The Morning Challenge – Days 2-3

Last night I accidentally stayed up later than I intended because I misread a clock and lost track of time, but I’m glad I’d been getting up earlier than my usual time!  It saved the day, because this morning I forgot to turn up the volume of my alarm clock which helps me get up for work and school.  I find it difficult to wake up on time without the assistance of my alarm clock.

However, because I’ve been getting up earlier than usual due to the morning challenge, it was almost as if my brain had been programmed to wake up early.  Thus I woke up on time independent of my alarm clock’s assistance, I didn’t miss work and had enough time to get ready for my day despite my clock not being audible!  This could have been a real disaster, but instead served as a bit of encouragement for me of the merits of waking up early. 

Once you get used to it, waking up early can give you some of that “buffer” you need in case something happens like an alarm clock failing or a storm knocking the power out and resetting your clock, or just your running late.  Buffer time is a necessity as a college student!

Here is something I found linked to another blog that can help you with waking up early: a bedtime calculator.  It can help you to calculate when to go to sleep depending on when you have to get up the next day.  I hope it helps you!  🙂

Photo credit: Robin Hood BBC

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