Feeling Inspired?

I enjoy reading random lists of things that people enjoy or are currently involved in.  I also like to keep random, unorganized lists of recent interests and activities, from the mundane to the meaningful. 🙂   I write these scribbles in notebooks and on notecards and all over blank spaces in my day-planners.  The lists often help me to get inspired or to think of ideas that I might not have otherwise.  Sometimes an idea about something I ought to pursue will come from scanning these cluttered, crazy lists.  Then they don’t seem so crazy, but function as real sources of inspiration.

I got the idea to start doing this after I was reading in a book that it can work well for the so-called “renaissance soul” (a person with multiple interests and aptitudes) to write down what comes into your mind on paper.  The ideas that you don’t think you have time or the resources to pursue at the moment, or the potential-laden words, images or interests that come into your mind- all these can be saved and looked at weeks, months, or even years later and serve as a spring-board for ideas in the future.

When I read that these lists could be useful, I thought, ‘well, that sounds mighty nice’, but I didn’t really think it would be that effective.

 Now I’m finding that it’s not extraneous silliness, but more like keeping an artist’s notebook of sketches.  An artist’s notebook is frequently full of sketches that are half-formed or simply outlines to study from.  Yet you might go back years later and complete a sketch, or make a portrait out of a face-study that you started.  It may take time, but you already have the inspiration on record to work from or jog your memory.  It’s a wonderful practice.

The lists can be a spattering of things you’re actually doing or are  somehow involved in, or have an appreciation for, as well as things you would like to do in the future.  You don’t have to stop at lists!  You can include drawings, photographs, half-started stories, sentences, lines of music, a lyric from a song or a verse from a poem that caught your attention: anything that can serve as inspiration later on.  Saavy? 🙂

What is your list at the moment?  What catches your interest?

What do you enjoy?  What do you participate in?

Photo: Leondardo Da Vinci’s notebook

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