The Morning Challenge – Day One

Don’t you wish you could start off each day dancing at rather than dreading the prospect of waking up?  I do, and you probably desire to as well, even if you hate getting up early.  That’s why I am issuing a challenge.. 

If you have not done so already, be sure to read about the morning challenge before proceeding!

Today was my first day of the morning challenge.  I’m hoping to work toward getting up an hour ahead of when I usually do each day of the week.  Before I graduated homeschool, I used to get up pretty much whenever it suited me.  When I started homechooling in high school, I still slept in pretty late compared to the “9-to-5” crowd.  Now I’ve joined the “9-5’ers” (not by choice but necessity), and I often have early shifts at work or have to leave early to college. 

Lately, I haven’t been stirring until about 6:33 am each morning, so today I tried for an ambitious 6:02 am.  Here are some things I was able to get done because of the extra morning time (following my own specific suggestions) – I got to wake up gradually, read a devotional, have a light breakfast and stop to smell roses blooming out of doors.  There were two birds singing lovely songs this morning that I wouldn’t have paid much attention to had I been rushing to get ready, but today it was marvelous to just stop and listen.  One was a mockingbird, I’m certain. 

I can’t say that I was entirely enthusiastic about getting up early today, but because I woke up early I had a better morning, I felt that I started the day out right, and so far I have felt more energized and awake than I usually feel at this time of day.  The challenge has been worth it thus far!

Photo: from The Ballet Shoes

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