Dance in the Rain

I like to dance in the rain
And listen when water drops drip down the window pane.

Sometimes I feel like a rain-cloud looking for a rainbow.

I am looking for the sun to shine despite the doleful, angry sky-

A storm pulls all the world asunder, and I, a lone cloud hover-
The rain, it yields no cover.
Clouds full of sadness must pour out their grief,
And then in the sun’s embrace they shall have relief.

I am a lone cloud amidst lightning bolts shattering the sky,

Awaiting the faintest colour of a promise,

Shades of violet, red and blue-

Reminding me that all will soon be well,

And that the dream I dreamt as I danced in the rain really will come true.

– Hannah Kingsley

Art credit: Marianne Dashwood played by Kate Winslet in Sense and Sensibility (1995)

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