Snack Food

This is a rather silly blog post.  I recently tried a food that I had never had previously in my entire life.  It is so.. novel, I wanted to share about it.  If I had a virtual jar, I’d share that, too.  What it is: Nutella.  Is it healthy?  Yes and no.  It is made with skim milk and contains hazelnuts, but it also contains a high amount of sugar and calories and is made with palm oil.  If you are someone who eats foods in moderation and has a high-calorie diet (which I do), I’d say the nutritional value doesn’t matter much.  Does it taste good?  YES.  It tastes similar to chocolate, but perhaps even better.  Nutella advertises spreading its content on bread, but if you taste it, I think you’d agree with me that that is a little out there.  Now spreading it on a graham cracker..  that is another story entirely.  =)  This is definitely something I’d choose over a candy bar in the future.


  1. Haha, yeah, it was.

    Yeah, but there is an imitation of it which tastes almost similar. Plus, it’s cheaper. 🙂 I guess, the price is because of the brand name.

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