Valentine’s Day Pondering

Several months ago, I went through a great deal of my writing shared with friends from previous years and put it into a word document.  The document ended up being almost 200 pages- some of it silly, but much of it serious.  It is my intention not to collect these notes simply for preservation’s sake, but to share their words with a wider circle.  Thus, over the next few months, now and then I will be inserting some of my past writing and quotes that I shared with friends at my blog for others to enjoy. 🙂  I hope you like what you find!

“I believe in love. I really hate the songs that say love is dead- that somehow it is wicked, and only leaves people scarred. Are we truly to abandon all that love stands for? Do we really believe that love in its perfect form exists no more? I believe in love. I believe in love that transforms, renews, changes, and improves. I believe that love is real. I believe that people are imperfect, but love is perfect. I don’t think many people truly understand what it means to love anymore.
Some may question how I know what it means to love- ‘you’ve never had a boyfriend’. I don’t need many men- only one man…  I’d rather a fairy tale than a TV sitcom. I’d rather real love than a superficial version. Maybe in the end, love is just valuable to me.. it’s expression should be reserved only for my own hero, and only when he’s my hero.”

– Hannah Kingsley (February 15, 2010)

It’s been exactly a year since I wrote the above quote, and soon I shall be joining the ranks of the “20-somethings”… twenty-zero, to be exact.  Still, the above holds true.  What truth of God do you want to insert into your perspectives on love and life this year?  I challenge you to allow God to use you in 2011, and especially this Spring season.  What better time to reform your ideas on what it means to love and be loved, and to continue to grow toward Christ in love and reflect His truth and character in your life than in this season of renewal reflected in nature?

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