Costume Chronicles – February ’11

The newest issue of the (free!) Costume Chronicles Magazine has been released!  It was released a little later than usual, probably because of the holidays.  To download your own copy of this latest issue, see the link below-

The article I wrote for this issue is entitled “Becoming Jane (The Unauthorized Biography)”.  You can read a list of some of the articles included in the January/February 2011 issue below.  The theme for this issue is everything to do with Jane Austen –

Zombies, Werewolves & Sea Monsters (Jane Austen in Pop Culture)
The Many Virtues of Mr. Knightley (Emma)
High Society in 19th Century Bath (Northanger Abbey and Persuasion)
Sensible and Romantic (The Love story of Col. Brandon and Marianne)
The Other Men in Lizzy’s Life (Pride and Prejudice)
Becoming Jane (The Unauthorized Biography)
A Romance of Restraint (Sense and Sensibility’s Elinor and Edward)
A Lesson in Postmodernism (Becoming Lost in Austen)
Understanding Miss Fanny Price (Mansfield Park)

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