Imperative Inspiration

I like to read the quotes shared by the organization “To Write Love on Her Arms”.  One I saw most recently was as follows –

 Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa

Sometimes we tend to read this stuff and think, “Oh, that’s nice”, and then do nothing about it.  I think that when we encounter inspiring words, we should do more than allow ourselves to be inspired.  Inspiration implies action.  You are inspired for a purpose, not to sit and muse, but to be compelled to do something.  Inspiration should give rise to a creation, a cause, an action.  With every breath we take, we are “inspiring” in a different sense of the word.  We take in air, and our bodies are “fed” with oxygen and other elements within the air.  Yet air does not exist for the sole purpose to be breathed.  We are given breath in order to do something with it- to live in the world in which breath exists.  With every breath we are given further life, so that we can live a fuller life.  Because we can breath, we have the ability to accomplish something on this earth.

Yet we do not think of every breath that we take as being significant.  Sometimes the only time that I will realize the significance of oxygen is when I run fast and I can’t catch my breath.  There are those that may experience asthmatic symptoms or some other condition and  relate to this idea to an even greater degree.  Oxygen seems so much more valuable when we suffer it’s absence.  Similarily, inspiring words can be like breath to one’s soul.  As a breath of fresh mountain air feels refreshing, inspiring words get rid of the stagnation of one’s soul.  But if we stop there, we miss something that has the power to change the world.

Just as most breaths we take for granted, so many inspiring moments and phrases are lost to us.  We are around sensory stimulus that could function as inspiration almost 24/7, and sometimes something will stick out to us more like the mountain air, but it is just another “inspiration”- something that fills our memory for a moment: enough to tell it to a friend or record it in a quote book, but nothing more.  Then it is lost to us again, nothing more than a breath exhaled is lost in the wind.

But what if we didn’t stop there?  What if we used every breath to our advantage, every bit of inspiration to its utmost?  Just as breath is merely a supply to life, a seemingly insignificant (but in actuality powerful and essential) thing that allows us to have a lifetime, to live a life, so inspiration has the capability to stir us to do, to build or to create something that could change the world!  These are not just the words of a starry-eyed dreamer, dreamer though I may be.  The truth is that inspiration is so often wasted on the inspired, because we do not allow ourselves to be fully compelled.  We are too busy, too caught up in our lives.  Too tired, too lazy, to selfish, too you-fill-in-the-blank.

This is my challenge to you: make use of your inspiration today.  Now.  This very moment.  You have a quote above within this post as a jumping-off point.  Now do something with it.  Take action, don’t just sit there bemused, but do something, and make an eternal difference in somebody’s life for the better.  Be compelled and take action- heaven waits on you.

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